• A visa request must be submitted:

by post or courier service, sending documents to:

  • OCMA Migration Department in Riga, Čiekurkalna 1.līnijā 1, k-3, LV-1026 or
  • any territorial division outside Riga nearest to your place of residence or
  • personally visiting:
  • In the Joint Support Center for Ukrainian citizens, Kalku Street 1, Riga, LV-1050


  • outside Riga – in any territorial division https://www.pmlp.gov.lv/lv/filiales
  • Documents necessary for requesting a visa:
    • Copy of passport (datasheet and pages containing visas and/or border crossing marks)
    • Photo (35x45mm) needed only if you send your documents via post, in Riga Congress centre your photo is not necessary
    • Long-term visa application questionnaire:
    • to be received in paper format at the place of application for a visa, or
    • to be printed out from the website of the OCMA (see below - Latvian-English or Latvian-Russian) or
    • to be completed using an electronic service 
      • the questionnaire must be filled in, printed out and signed
  • Application form for a residence permit:
  • Application form available here

PLEASE do not forget to provide your contact details - e-mail address, phone number.

  • At the same time as a long-term visa, a person aged 15 will be granted the right to employment without restrictions for up to one year.
  • The visa is to be received at the structural unit of the OCMA, to which you submitted the visa application. When receiving a visa, you must present your travel document.

Instructions for filling in the long-stay visa (D visa) application form when submitting an application to the OCMA:

  • The questionnaire must be completed in Latin characters and do not use letters such as ü, ñ, á, ģ, ф, д, ж, я;
  • It is desirable to fill in the questionnaire in block letters;
  • The date (eg date of birth or period of validity of the travel document) shall be written in the format "dd-mm-yyyy";
  • Information on filling in individual fields of the questionnaire:
    • Field 8 - to be filled in only if the nationality has been changed;
    • Field 12 - refers to the UKR identification number, optional;
    • Field 18 - refers to the current / former address in Ukraine and contact information for reaching the person in Latvia;
    • Fields 20 and 21 - if there is no job to be indicated, not filled in;
    • Field 22 (Purpose of entry) - select "Other" and enter "Humane cause"
    • Field 23 - if the application is submitted while the person is already in Latvia, write “Latvia”;
    • Fields 24 and 25 - tick "Multiple" (in any case, a D visa will be issued for one year (365 days) for multiple entry);
    • Fields 26 and 27 are optional;
    •  Fields 28 and 29 - date from which the visa is requested and date by year;
    • Field 30 "Accommodation address and contact details" - to be filled in if such information is known;
    • Fields 31-34 - not required;
    • Field 35 and at the end of the questionnaire, the person responsible for the minor (one of the parents or an authorized person / legal guardian) signs.