A foreigner, who lawfully stays in the Republic of Latvia with C a visa, issued by the responsible authority of Latvia or any other Member State of the Schengen Treaty, in certain exceptional cases may request to prolong the visa and/or duration of his or her stay in Latvia:

  • The validity period of the visa and/or the period of stay of a foreigner shall be prolonged only in cases, when a holder of visa has submitted evidence on force majeure or human reasons, prohibiting him or her to leave the territory of Latvia before expiry of the validity period of visa or period of stay permitted in the visa. Such visa shall not be prolonged, without collecting the State fee.
  • Validity period of visa and/or period of stay may be prolonged also in the cases, when holder of the visa submits evidence on serious personal reasons, substantiating the need of prolongation of the validity period or duration of stay. The State fee - in the amount of EUR 30 - shall be collected on such prolongation.

It is necessary to submit also the following documents for prolongation of visa.

Decision about prolongation of visa shall be adopted by the Office of Citizenship and Migration Affairs. A foreigner shall send the documents for prolongation of the visa via mail or courier to the Migration Division at Čiekurkalna 1.līnija 1, 3.k. Riga, or to the Daugavpils, Jurmala, Liepaja, Valmiera or Ventspils Divisions of the Office.

When prolonging the visa, it should be taken into account that the total duration of stay in the territory of Member States of Schengen Treaty shall not exceed 90 days during the time period of 180 days. Visa shall be prolonged by issuing a new visa sticker.