The Office of Citizenship and Migration Affairs (hereinafter - the OCMA) is the authority being under the supervision of the Minister of the Interior, the competence of which includes issue of the personal identification and travel documents, maintenance of the Register of Natural Persons and implementation of the state migration policy, including development and implementation of the repatriation and asylum policy, determination of the legal status of persons, naturalisation etc.

Mission of the OCMA:

We exist in order to implement the state policy in the field of migration, asylum, legal status of persons, registration of population and personal identification documents, providing high-quality services, which promote at the same time the public and state safety.

Vision of the OCMA:

The OCMA is a trusted state administration authority driven towards cooperation and development with high culture of organization, where the provision of services is open, effective and focused on the user and with the employees with excellent professional preparedness and sense of belonging to their authority.

During cooperation and communication with customers, cooperation partners and colleagues, the employees of the OCMA comply with the followingvalues:

Justice and honesty – we comply with equality of persons in front of law, we fairly apply laws and adopt decisions, perform work duties in good faith, we comply with objectiveness in communication with customers, colleagues and cooperation partners;

Professionality and competence – we are competent specialists of the field and perform our official duties purposefully, constantly improving and increasing knowledge and skills;

Cooperation and trust – we create open and trusted environment of internal and external communication and cooperation, which is based on equality and mutual understanding;

Openness and availability – we aim to improve services in order to promote their availability and to provide a possibility for the customers to select the requesting, receipt and communication channels of the service, including by using the opportunities provided by modern technologies;

Movement towards development and result – we act in a well-considered manner and are able to dynamically adapt to the changes in society and global processes, in order to facilitate public welfare and sustainable development of the state administration by innovations.

The OCMA develops and improves its operation in order to increase its contribution in facilitating public and national growth, as well as to perform the duties entrusted to it in high quality. In order to implement the proposed targets, the understanding and support of society is important for us!