Strategic Initiative No. FM2022/68 (EEZ/NOFI/DIV) “Targeted support to address the European refugee crisis in Latvia, including addressing  Ukrainian refugee needs in Latvia” of Fund for Bilateral Relations of the European Economic area Financial Mechanism and the Norwegian Financial Mechanism for the period 2014-2021

For the implementation of the initiative, the Office of Citizenship and Migration Affairs receives a grants of EUR 150 000 from Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway under EEA and Norwegian grants.

Funding allocated to the implementation of the initiative: EUR 150 000 (including 100% under EEA and Norway grants 2014-2021)

The aim of the initiative is to support Ukrainian civilians and nationals of other countries seeking help in Latvia due to the war in Ukraine caused by the Russian Federation.

Period of implementation of the initiative: 01.10.2022. – 30.09.2023.

Activities of the initiative:

1.       Provision of support to Ukrainian civilians

In providing support to Ukrainian civilians who request international or temporary protection in Latvia or entry Latvia as a transit country before the arrival at another country where the person aims to receive protection, persons will be ensured with food, hygiene, household items, as well as personal protective equipment (masks, respirators), COVID-19 tests, etc.

2.       Ensuring personal identification document draw up and issuance

Activity envisages the acquisition and integration of 10 specific workstation sets in order to ensure the drawing up and issuance of personal identification documents, mainly to Ukrainian civilians, to permit legal residence rights in Latvia to Ukrainian civilians and the possibility to receive health care, education, accommodation services, as well as to receive the employment rights.

Results of the implementing the initiative:

1.       Around 3 300 Ukrainian civilians have received the necessary support measures (the number of beneficiaries depends on the flow of refugees).

2.       The acquisition and integration of 10 specific workstations for issuing residence permits and identity cards for asylum seekers in order to ensure:

          issuance of residence permits to Ukrainian civilians seeking international or temporary protection in Latvia;

          issuance of asylum seeker identification documents mainly for Ukrainian civilians, as well civilians from third countries (asylum seekers); 

          issue of residence permits to third-country nationals wishing to transfer commercial activities to Latvia due to the Russian Federation's war against Ukraine.


Meldra Bērziņa

Manager of implementing the initiative

e-mail: Meldra.Berzina@pmlp.gov.lv

phone: +371 67829745