Owner of immovable property or his authorized person may request and receive free of charge data included in the Register of Natural Persons about persons who have declared their place of residence at his or her property. If the Office of Citizenship and Migration Affairs is unable to obtain information from the State Unified Computerized Land Register, the individual must present a document certifying the ownership. 

Information may be requested only remotely:

  • by post or e-mail in the OCMA territorial divisions;
  • by post to the Office of Citizenship and Migration Affairs to address: Čiekurkalna 1.līnija 1, k-3, Rīga, LV-1026;
  • electronically by sending a request to the OCMA e-mail address pasts@pmlp.gov.lv signed by a secure electronic signature, or the e-mail address of any territorial division;
  • electronically by using the official service eAddress;
  • by using e-service "Persons declared at my property”. The service is available by authentication with secure electronic signature, authentication means of the Internet banks of "Swedbank", "SEB banka", "Citadele banka", "Luminor banka", ''Indiustra bank'', "PrivatBank", “Rietumu banka” or “BlueOrange”.

Documents required for requesting information by post:

Instructions for use:

The service is available by authenticating with Internet banking authentication means, identity card (eID) or a secure electronic signature smart card.
Authentication with Internet banking is available for Swedbank, SEB Bank, Bank Citadele, Norvik Bank, Meridian Trade Bank, Luminor, PrivatBank, Rietumu Bank, ABLV Bank and BlueOrange Internet banking users.

To authenticate with an identity card (eID card) or a secure electronic signature smart card, you need the appropriate card and a smart card reader.

To start the e-service, you need to read the terms of use of the e-service and confirm them by checking the box "I have read the information provided" and click the "Next" button.


The started service is registered in the "E-services" section with a unique e-service identification number assigned by the portal.

The e-service result form opens, in which:

  • if the user has one property – the address of your property, the cadastral number and the list of persons who have a valid residence registration in your property or a statement that there is no such person is displayed. If several addresses are registered for your property, then a list of property addresses is initially displayed, from which the address to be verified must be selected. To select another address to verify, click on the link "Addresses of the property" and select another address;
  • if the user has several properties – a list of your property addresses and cadastral numbers will be displayed first. The list of persons, who have a valid residence registration will be displayed by selecting the address of the respective property or property component and clicking on it. To view a list of people who have a valid residence registration at another property or address, click on the relevant link "Property list" or "Address list" and select another property or address;
  • if the user has no property – a message is displayed stating that you do not have any property.


After receiving the information, the e-service can be completed by clicking on the "End" link at the bottom of the screen.

Problems, errors and deficiencies found in the e-service can be reported by filling in the error application form available at the bottom of the service form, clicking on the link "Additional options" and selecting the "Report an error" tab. Information about the progress of the application will be sent to the e-mail address specified in your error application.

The portal www.latvija.lv is maintained by the State Regional Development Agency. Report technical problems during the e-service request or problems with authentication to the Agency's E-service support service by e-mail to portals@vraa.gov.lv or using the links available in the service request forms to report the problem.

The service has been created and is provided in cooperation with the Court Administration, which provides the data necessary for the provision of the e-service from the State Unified Computerised Land Register under its control, the State Land Service, which provides cadastral and address data from the Information System for the Cadastre of Real Estate, and the State Registry of Addresses.