What is an identity card? 

An identity card (eID) is a personal identification document that verifies the holder's identity and legal status.

Each person registered in the Population Register can obtain the identity card, according to his or her legal status. An identity card can be issued to children under the age of 15 upon an application of parents or the legal guardian.

A person can simultaneously have only one identity card and only one passport (except for diplomatic and service passports).

eID karte

For how long are the identity card issued?


The identity card is issued for 

 Children under the age of 5

 2 years or for the period of duration of a trip

 Persons from the age of 5

 5 years

Over 20 years

10 years

Where can an identity card be obtained?

Documents to apply for an identity card are submitted, and the identity card is obtained at any division of the Office of Citizenship and Migration Affairs, irrespectively of the declared place of residing.

A person who lives or resides for a long period of time in a foreign country, can apply for an identity card at the consular or diplomatic service of the Republic of Latvia.


The State fee on issuance of  an identity card

Functions of an identity card


With an identity card, you can verify your identity in presence by presenting the document to a person who must confirm your identity, legal status, age, etc.  


An identity card of a citizen of Latvia can be used as a travel document within the European Union, countries of the European Economic Area and the Swiss Confederation. Read more


With an identity card, in which an authentication certificate is included and activated, you can verify your identity from distance – in the electronic environment. It is possible if the service provider ensures a chance to authenticate with an eID. Read more


With an identity card, in which a valid certificate of an electronic signature is included and activated, you can attach your electronic signature to electronic documents having the same force as physically signed documents. Read more

A person who wants to activate the certificates included in the personal certificate is obliged to get acquainted with the certification service rendering system, description of equipment and security procedures, a reliable certification service provider’s provisions of certification service rendering included in the register, as well as other security measures in order to eliminate illegal use of a verified certificate, together with the provisions and limitations included in the verified certificate. Provisions of the certification services are available here.

NB! A no-contact microchip is installed in the identity card, therefore if you are using an e-talon in order to pay for going by a public transport, do not hold the e-talon together with the identity card when electronically registering the e-talon in the public transport! Otherwise, the e-talon might not function and your run would not be paid for.

How to prepare the computer for operations with the identity card?

What are PIN codes and to change them?

How to renew the eID certificates?

What to do in case of loss or stealth of and identity card?

What to do if there appear problems with the identity card while being abroad?

Limitations of identity card usage

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