The Riga Office of International Organization for Migration (hereafter, the IOM) operates in Latvia. The IOM is an inter-governmental humanitarian non-political organization, in the field of migration. The Riga Office of the IOM operates a Program of Voluntary Return and Reintegration under which support is given to people who want to voluntarily return to their country of citizenship and who have no legal basis to reside in Latvia. The Riga Office of the IOM organises and completely disburses flight and other transport costs to the person`s residence, offers support for airport security and passport control and provides that in circumstances where an attendant is required by the IOM who can assist in the flight, pays one-time return allowances, and if necessary appoints an attendant who can assist in the flight and   provides assistance in order to begin new life in their country.

A foreigner who has received a voluntary return decision has the right to apply for aid by the Riga Office of the IOM.

Where can additional information be found?

For queries and further information please contact Riga Office of IOM on +371 67503627, by e-mail: or in person at Riga Office of IOM, in United Nations Organization building, Pils street 21, Riga.

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