Documents required for a visa application:

  • a valid travel document;
  • an online application form filled out and signed;
  • a photograph;
  • a copy of a document confirming that the applicant has adeguate and valid travel medical insurance policy;
  • documents, including  the purpose of the journey and documents in relation to accommodation, or documents indicating that a letter of invitation has been approved by the OCMA (the invitation is valid for 6 months from the date of approval);
  • documents indicating that the applicant possesses sufficient means of subsistence both for the duration of the intended stay and for the return to his country of origin or residence, or for the transit to a third country into which he is certain to be admitted (14 EUR per day if the intended period of stay in Latvia does not exceed 30 days or 500 EUR per month if the intended period of stay exceeds 30 days);
  • a receipt confirming the fee payment.

When applying for a Schengen visa, the applicant shall present information enabling an assessment of the applicant`s intention to leave the territory of the Member States before the expiry of the visa applied for.

When lodging the application, the applicant shall allow the collection of his fingerprints in accordance with Article 13 of the Visa Code, where applicable.

Online application form – for Schengen C visa and for long-stay D visa