A travel document shall be valid for requesting a visa, if:

  • it is recognized in Latvia;
  • the validity period thereof exceeds the validity period of the requested visa for at least three months;
  • it has at least two free pages for pasting visas and service notes on crossing of the state border;
  • it contains personal data and photographs of all those foreigners, who use the document as the travel document (such as, data and photo of the child);
  • it does not contain any modifications not approved by the issuer of the document;
  • it does not contain any signs of forgery;
  • it does not contain any mechanic damages or scrawls, due to which it is not possible to identify the document holder, read the data or determine the possible forgeries of the document.

When requesting the Schengen visa, another criteria should be complied with - a travel document is valid for requesting of visa, if it has been issued during the recent ten years.