Ārzemnieka eID karte ar e-paraktītāju, blakus portatīvajam datoram

eID card, residence permit card and foreigner’s eID card. Read, what is common and what is different

The interest on the acquisition of the foreigner’s eID card is increasing even more. However, it is not always clear in what cases it is necessary.
For convenience of the customers of the Office we compare three types of personal identity cards: foreigner’s eID card, eID card of the citizen or non-citizen of Latvia and residence permit.

Read and find out: what is a foreigner’s eID card, what is provided for and how to acquire it

Often foreigners face the situation, when they cannot have access to the e-services of Latvia and electronically sign the documents without the eID card issued in Latvia and certified e-signature of Latvia.

Foreigner's eID card - your freedom in digital environment!

Foreigner's identity card shall be issued to a foreigner who is registered in the Register of Natural Persons in the cases referred to in Section 4, Paragraph one, Clause 2, Subparagraphs d, e, f and i of the Natural Persons Register Law.

Foreigner's identity card is issued within two working days with a validity period of 5 years. The state fee for the issuance of a foreigner's identity card is 80 euros.

Ārzemnieka eID

An asylum seeker shall be issued an alien's identity card within two working days with a validity period of 1 year. An asylum seeker is exempt from the state fee for the issuance of an foreigner's identity card.


Foreigner's eID card. How to get it?

Starting from October 18 the OCMA starts issuing foreigner's eID cards.

Foreigner’s eID card - a new electronic identification tool

On Tuesday, 12 October, the Cabinet of Ministers approved amendments to the regulation on the State fee regarding issue of personal identity documents and regarding personal identity documents in order to facilitate inclusion of foreigners in the digital environment of Latvia and facilitate development of economics, science, education and culture in Latvia, offering the electronic identification means for foreigners - foreigner’s eID card.

In the near future foreigners will have a possibility to arrange a foreigner eID card

On Monday, 28 June, amendments came into force in the Personal Identification Documents Law, pursuant to which a new type of personal identity card - foreigner eID - will be introduced.

Law on the Register of Natural Persons enters into force

On Monday, 28 June, the Law on the Register of Natural Persons enters into force and the Law on the Population Register that so far determined the operation of the unified system for registration of population will become void.

The procedure for inclusion and updating of information in the Register of Natural Persons is determined

On Tuesday, 22 June, the Cabinet of Ministers (CM) issued the Regulation “Procedure for Inclusion and Updating of Information in the Register of Natural Persons”. The Register of Natural Persons will combine the functionality of the current information system of the Population Register and Civil Register.

Latvia introduces eID card for foreigners

On Thursday, 17 June, the Saeima adopted in the final reading urgent amendments to the Personal Identification Documents Law, which provide for a personal identification, or eID, card for foreigners to be introduced in Latvia.

Issue of the foreigners eID cards will facilitate economic activities of foreigners in Latvia

On Thursday, 27 May, the Cabinet of Ministers supported the draft law "Amendments to the Personal Identification Documents Law", which provides for registration of foreigners in the Register of Natural Persons and issue of the personal identity card of the new type - foreigner’s personal identity card or foreigner’s eID card that will facilitate identification of foreigners in Latvia in the digital environment.