eid karte

What is the foreigner’s eID card?

Foreigner’s eID card is a personal identity document, confirming the identity of the holder thereof when receiving the services in the digital environment as well as in presence, when visiting service providers in Latvia, for example, banks, notaries, state authorities.

What the foreigner’s eID card is provided for?

Foreigner’s eID card is provided for foreigners, who permanently do not stay in Latvia and mostly settle their transactions in the electronic environment.

In the case of asylum seekers it is planned that the document - foreigner’s eID card shall additionally include also information about the right to employment in Latvia.

Unlike other types of personal identity cards, a foreigner’s eID card:

  • IS NOT a mandatory personal identity document. The receipt of it is a voluntary choice of a person;
  • IS NOT a travel document. It does not confirm the right of stay of a person in Latvia

For what purposes the foreigner’s eID card is provided for?

The electronic identity tools integrated in the foreigner’s eID card enables the foreigner to operate in the digital environment enjoying full rights:

  • to use state and municipal e-services;
  • to confirm his or her e-identity and electronically sign documents;
  • to receive and use e-address, in order to ensure communication with state and municipal authorities;
  • to certify his or her identity in presence at the authorities and companies.

How to register for a foreigner’s eID card?

Three simple steps and the foreigner’s eID card will be ready:

  1.  Register in the Register of Natural Persons in order to receive a personal identity code.
  • Registration can be performed by filling in the questionnaire, which shall be signed with a safe electronic signature and sent to the e-mail address pasts@pmlp.gov.lv ;
  1. The service can be received: in all of the 29 territorial departments of the OCMA, by contacting the specific department in advance by phone or e-mail https://www.pmlp.gov.lv/lv/filiales, by applying for a visit or on a first-come, first-served basis.
  • It will be possible to gradually arrange and receive the foreigner’s eID card also at few diplomatic and consular representative offices of Latvia abroad determined by the Minister of Foreign Affairs, located outside of the Schengen area.
  • The service can be obtained: by pre-booking a visit to any of the 29 territorial departments of the Administration or by first-come, first-served order.
  1. During the visit a foreigner will have to present a personal identity document issued by his or her home country. During the process of arrangement of the EID card a foreigner will have to deliver biometrical data at the Office - face image and digital image of two fingers.

The asylum seeker will have to present an asylum seeker’s personal identity document, issued by the State Border Guard.

Issue of the foreigner’s eID card:

  1. A foreigner’s eID card is produced within 2 working days;
  2. The state fee for preparation, production and issue of the foreigner’s eID card shall be 80 euro. It is free of charge for asylum seekers.

Information on the possibilities of receiving an foreigner's eID card at the diplomatic representations of the Republic of Latvia abroad is available on the website of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Latvia.