E-parakstītājs, eId karte, portatīvais dators uz galda

On 4 October 15 years have passed since the introduction of a safe electronic signature in Latvia. During fifteen years inhabitants have used the tools of eSignature for signing the documents for more than 55 million times.

Since 2012 slightly more than one million inhabitants have received eID with eSignature, while eSignature in the card, which was the first eSignature carrier introduced in Latvia, has been received by slightly more than 15 thousand employees of institutions and commercial organizations.

What are the advantages provided by the use of e-signature?

  • When signing the documents with electronic signature, they have the same legal power as the document in paper format signed by hand.

Electronic signature enables to review your daily habits and refuse from paper document flows and trips that are necessary only for delivery of documents to the addressee. That provides inhabitants with tools of safe electronic signature and national e-Identity confirmation. Interesting is the fact that, when recalculating this habit change in white paper sheets, they constitute more than 30 thousand saved trees.

Where you can use eID card?

Without leaving the home, with eID you can:

  • Confirm your e-identity on portals;
  • To receive the notarial services remotely;
  • To enter into agreements with both, private persons as well as companies;
  • Sign submissions and applications for services to all state and municipal authorities;
  • To register t he company remotely;
  • To establish your official e-address;
  • To use e-services in Latvia and;
  • To submit a claim to the court;
  • To sign submissions and agreements with a public service provider remotely.

According to the data of the SJSC Latvijas Valsts radio un televīzijas centrs", eSignature has been used at least once by the fifth part of the Latvian inhabitants in the age from 15 years.

This year eSignature is being used more than 38 000 times each day. In comparison, this number was ten times smaller ten years ago and only in 2015 it reached 10 thousand per day.

Save time and use electronic signature! What to start with?

On the basis of your daily habits and needs, select one of 2 electronic signature tools:


  • Mobile application eParaksts mobile. In order to start using it, it is necessary to apply for the service and sign the application-agreement. You may choose it to do at the address convenient for you, selecting delivery of the agreement via free courier. If you already use eSignature in eID card, you may sign the eParaksts mobile agreement electronically.

What is necessary in order to use eID card?

  • computer, internet connection, eID card and its PIN information;
  • card reader (it may be installed on your computer);
  • Free software eParakstītājs 3.0 (download on the portal


ALWAYS store eSignature access data (e.g. password, PIN information and other information) in a proper manner and place. Passwords must be changed at least once a year and never use the same password for multiple resources.

NEVER hand over eSignature access data to other persons.

REMEMBER - if you suspect that your eSignature access data have been accessed by other persons, immediately inform the trust service provider LSRTC by phone 67108787 or contact the OCMA and the State Police in case of the lost document.