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Do you want to change name or surname?

The clients of the administration often ask about changing the name, surname or nationality record.
This is a matter that is not within the competence of the Office and in these cases it is necessary to turn to the registry offices of Latvian municipalities. It is the institution where the first record of a person's birth is made, then of marriage, the birth of children, and the last when he leaves the world.

There may be different reasons for changing the name, surname and nationality record. However, it is important that a person has a valid reason to do so, and the law clearly states in which cases this is possible.  The legal basis for the change of a person's name, surname and nationality record is determined by the Law on Change of Name, Surname and Nationality Record.

Any adult (or a young person who has reached the age of 15 with the consent of both parents or guardians) may apply to the Registry Office for a change of name, surname or nationality record.

This is often done by people who have not renewed their previous surname when divorcing and decide to do so later.

Application forms for changing the name, surname or nationality record, a list of required documents and the amount of state fees can be found on the website of the Ministry of Justice

If you change your last name, remember that your passport and eID card must also be changed!

A wife can accept a husband's surname or vice versa, as many couples choose to make double names nowadays.
Within 30 days after the change of surname, a new identity document must be submitted to the Office.

When changing the surname as a result of marriage, a passport or eID card can be received within 2 working days without an increased state fee rate. This means that passport registration within 2 working days will cost 30 euros, but eID card registration within 2 working days will cost 15 euros.

To receive such privilege, a passport or eID card must be issued within 30 days after the marriage.

It is possible to apply for a specific period of time for a change of personal identity documents:

Many newlyweds want to go on a wedding trip abroad immediately after the marriage ceremony. However, it must be remembered that if the surname has changed as a result of the marriage, the identity documents are no longer valid and may not be used for travel.

In this case, during the marriage, everyone must stay with their surname, but later, after the trip, you can go to the registry office and write an application for a change of surname. True, in this case it will be a longer procedure, as well as a state fee for changing the surname will have to be paid. You can read more about the surname change procedure on the website of the Ministry of Justice