News PMLP30
Uz galda stāv pase un eID karte

There could be different situations in life. This is to explain how to act, if:

you lose a passport or eID card in Latvia:

  1. Immediately report on that to any territorial unit of the Office or State Police.

It is possible to report on the loss of a personal identity document in any of 3 ways:

  • by sending via post a submission in free form regarding the fact that the passport or Eid card is lost or stolen;
  • by sending e-mail message, signed with an electronic signature
  • or by sending a submission in free form by using the e-services of “Submission to authority”.
  1. Form and receive your documents according to the queue or by prior registration

Form your new documents:

Will you have to pay a fine if a passport or eID card has been lost? Every case will be assessed individually.

When preparing a new personal identity document, the employees of the Office will assess the circumstances of losing of the passport or eID card and will decide regarding the fact, whether in the particular case the administrative violation proceeding should be initiated and a fine should be applied.

If you lose a passport or eID card abroad:

  • Turn at the nearest diplomatic or consular representative office of the Republic of Latvia;
  • If you have lost eID card or it has been stolen and it includes certificates by which you can confirm your identity in the electronic environment, as well as an electronic signature, you shall immediately contact with VAS Latvijas Valsts radio un televīzijas centrs (LVRTC) support service via phone (+371) 67108787 and ask to suspend the activity of the certificates.
  • In order to make sure about your identity, the operator of the support service will ask you the secret question that you has specified when preparing the application for issue of the eID card.


You may request the renewal of the activity of the certificates only in presence at one of the divisions of the Office or at the diplomatic representative office of Latvia abroad.

If there is no valid document at your disposal in order to return to Latvia, the representative office abroad will issue a return certificate, giving the right to return to the country of residence within 30 days.

In the country, where is no diplomatic or consular representative office of Latvia, the return certificate is issued by the Consular Department of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Informative phone for calls from abroad: (+371) 67015905

For assistance in emergency situations abroad: (+371) 26337711 or

Besides, in such situation it is possible to receive the Emergency Travel Document at the embassy of the Member State of the European Country represented in any country.

IMPORTANT! The return certificate shall be immediately returned to the Office of Citizenship and Migration Affairs after return to Latvia.

If you accidently find a passport or eID card of another person

In such cases you have to turn to any territorial unit of the Office and deliver the document found there.

Do not publish data, including a photograph, name and surname on social networks in no event.

The requirements of the data protection regulation provides that the data of other persons can be used without their consent only for personal purposes, for example, by forwarding the photographs in private correspondence.

The Office will block the received passport and contact with the holder thereof as soon as possible.