A passport or identity card shall be changed if the previous passport or identity card has become invalid or the information contained therein has changed:

  • the name or surname of the person has changed;

  • the legal status of the person has changed;

  • the document contains defects due to which it is not possible to visually identify the holder of the document or read the information indicated therein, or the document does not conform to the specified sample;

  • changes have been made in the document or its original content that are not provided for in regulatory enactments;

  • the information on the document holder indicated in the document has changed or inaccuracies in the records have been established

  • the holder of a personal identification document has reported in writing the loss of a passport or identity card to the issuing authority, the State Police or the State Border Guard Institution, or the diplomatic or consular service of the Republic of Latvia;

  • the document has expired; 

  • the person wants to receive a new personal identification document instead of using the valid previous model identity document.