Who is issued a stateless person’s travel document? 
A stateless person’s travel document is issued and it is a compulsory personal identification document for a person who has reached the age of 15 and who has been granted a stateless person’s status according to the Law “On Stateless Persons’ Status in the Republic of Latvia”. A travelling document is issued to a child under the age of 15 upon request of the child’s parents.

What is the validity period of the travel documents? 
The stateless person’s travel document is issued for two years. 

Where the stateless person’s travel document can be obtained? 
Documents to apply for the stateless person’s travel document are submitted and the document is issued at the territorial section of the OCMA. 

Documents to apply for the travel document.

What to do if the passport is lost? 
If the passport has been lost, stolen or taken away by force, the person shall inform about this fact the passport issuing authority (the OCMA), the State Police or the State Border Guard, or, if abroad, the Diplomatic or Consular Representative Office of Latvia within 5 days. Within 30 days after the determination of the fact the person shall submit documents to apply for a new passport. If the person has reported about the loss of the passport in writing, in case the passport is found, it becomes invalid and a new passport must be obtained.