The state fee for naturalisation is 28.46 EUR. The following persons are exempted from paying it: victims of political repressions, persons with a disability of group I, orphans, children without parental care, and persons admitted to public and municipal social care institutions.

The state fee in the amount of 4.27 EUR must be paid by:

  • members of poor families or poor persons living separately;

  • unemployed persons who have registered with the State Employment Agency;

  • members of families with three and more minors;

  • persons receiving old-age and service pensions;

  • people with a disability of group II and III;

  • intramural students of general and vocational educational establishments certified by the state;

  • full-time students of higher educational establishments certified by the state.

Bank details:
Registration No.: 90000050138
Account: LV19TREL1060140919600
Purpose of payment: State fee for submission of a naturalisation application.

State fee is regulated by the Cabinet Regulations rules No. 849 of 17 September 2013 “Rules on the state fee for filing an application for naturalization”.

If you are paying for the service by wire transfer in a credit institution or internet bank, please take into account that the processing of the payment may take several days. If payment has not been received by the Treasury, the OCMA is not entitled to provide the requested service!

According to the amendments to legal acts, the internet bank printouts, payment orders approved by the banks and other documents confirming payment are not considered as confirmation that the service has been paid for. The only conformation of payment for the service is the information in the budget electronic payment system "eKase".

When applying for the service in an accelerated procedure (drafting certifications, accelerated execution of passports and eID, etc.), we suggest making the payment for the service in the OCMA division with a bank payment card.

To ascertain whether the payment has entered the Treasury, we propose using the e-service "Verification of payment made into the budget".