A Union citizen is entitled to request the registration card if he/she is a spouse of a Latvian citizen or non-citizen or of a foreigner with the permanent residence permit in the Republic of Latvia:

Upon presenting a valid travel document the Union citizen shall file:

  • a standard questionnaire provided that he/she has not, prior to that, obtained a registration card or a residence permit;
  • a document confirming the fact of marriage;
  • a certification regarding sufficient resources for himself/herself so not to become a burden on the social assistance system (a relevant entry in the questionnaire shall be regarded as such certification, if a questionnaire is filed, or an application of free form specifying the sources of the sufficient means for subsistence and the source of their origin if a questionnaire is not filed);
  • a document issued by a Member State and certifying that the person is entitled to receive in the Republic of Latvia the necessary medical or emergency medical assistance, or he/she holds a health insurance policy.