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Any person
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Service enables you to any person to request and receive statistical information from the Register of Natural Persons with or without the use of software, for which there is a need for specific data preparation methods and selection criteria.

State fee: 5.00 euros per one page (Cabinet of Ministers No. 505, 2.7), or OCMA paid service (Cabinet of Ministers No. 562, 2) for software development (1 man-hour 80.00 euros for preparation of statistics according to the specified criteria ).

Process description

  1. Service requests
    Onsite service may be requested by post or electronically. Request may be filed in any territorial division of the Office. Statistical information shall also be given to the concluded agreement. Preparation of statistical information and the payment amount is determined by the requested statistical data necessary for the preparation of the selection criteria and methods of detection.

  2. Receipt of services
    When you receive the requested information in person, to present personal identification document (Passport or ID card "eID").