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Consider and adopt a decision regarding the granting of repatriate status, permanent residence permit issued to repatriates and their family members (other national citizens), providing general information on the repatriate social rights and interests of repatriates, to examine submissions regarding the provision of material assistance.

Process description

  1. Service requests
    At the address is required to appear before signing up for adoption by phones 67219259 or 67829797, 67219586.
    A: a submission on a specific form, which you will receive the submission of documents to place; two photographs (35x45mm). * Persons who are not Latvian citizens, in addition to the need: a document which certifies Latvian or Liiv descent of the person; birth certificate; in Latvia has been recognised as valid travel dokuments-pase; Medical treatment institutions a statement that get sick with tuberculosis; the competent authorities of the Headquarters of a certificate of conviction; the evidence of the place of residence in Latvia State; State proof of means of subsistence in Latvia. Family members will also need a document which certifies marriage or kinship. The presentation of the original of the document, but must submit copies thereof.

  2. Receipt of services
    The decision of the territorial division specified Jaierodas.

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