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'There are two types of personal identification document - Passports and identity card or electronic identification cards \x28eID card\x29. From 15 years of age a person is one, use a valid personal identification document. If the person wishes she could receive both the Passport and ID. Children under 15 years of age, personal identification document shall be issued for travel. The identity card are included in the certificates, which allows you to authenticate on an electronic environment and digitally sign documents. For more information http\x3a\x2f\\x2flv\x2fsakums\x2fpakalpojumi\x2fpersonu-apliecinošu-dokumentu-noformēšana\x0d\x0aConsultation on the personal identification document\x3a pases\\x0d\x0aKosultācijas on eID card included in the certificates\x3a eid\'

Process description

  1. The document for submission of the Passport or ID
    Present the documents are submitted, or (1. the personal identification document, if the person had been issued; 2. notification of the personal identification document loss with an explanation of document theft, loss or destruction of the circumstances, if the document has been lost; 3. birth certificate, if the person does not have been issued personal identification document) and an application for issuing personal identification document shall be signed by the Office of Citizenship and Migration Affairs in the territorial division of the Representation of Latvia or abroad. Personal identification document will be issued according to the wishes of - 10 working days or 2 working days.

  2. Passport or ID reception
    The person receives a Passport or identity card in person. When you receive a personal identification document shall be submitted to the previous personal identification document, if the person had been issued.

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