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Receiving restrictions

When using a free e-service, the user of the e-service shall have the possibility at any time to view the current and historical information in the Register of Physical Platforms regarding himself, his or her minor child for up to 18 years or for a person under guardianship or under guardianship, if the information on it has been updated in the Register of Natural Persons.

The information on the prohibition or authorisation of a person to use his or her body, tissues and organs after death in the Register of Natural Persons was updated to 31.01.2022but from 01.02.2022. Such information shall be updated and stored in the single electronic information system of the health sector.

Process description

  1. Electronically
    The service shall provide the possibility for a person to know electronically and verify, free of charge, what information regarding the person himself or herself, the child of minors, the person under guardianship or the guardianship of the person is included in the Register of Natural Persons.

  2. Service requests
    The service may be requested by the Office of Citizenship and Migration Affairs (PMLP) remotely by mail or by electronic means (e-address, e-mail) if the request was signed with a secure electronic signature.
    If a person wishes to receive the requested message by post, the PMLP charge service and VAS Latvijas Pasta will have to be charged for preparing and delivering the consignment in the form of a registered shipment.
    The full printout of personal data from the register of Natural Persons, PMLP, shall be sent by post in the form of a registered consignment to the declared, registered or indicated address of the registered place of residence for which the information is registered in the Register of Natural Persons.
    If the information is requested in writing (in paper form or in the form of an electronic document) more than 2 times in the calendar year, the payment of the national fee of EUR 15.00 (in paper form) or EUR 7.50 (in electronic form) will be payable.

  3. Receipt of services
    Upon receipt of the information of a registered consignment in the post office, a personal identification document (passport or eID) must be produced; the authorised person shall, in addition, present a notarised mandate.
    When sending restricted access information electronically, the news applicant must comply with the security requirements of the document on the web.