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The service shall provide the possibility for a person to view and receive information regarding his or her or her or her or her child, the presence of a person under guardianship or under the auspices of one or more of the status in the Register of Natural Persons.
The service results in a certificate (PDF file), in addition to the statement, a QR code image may be produced, which allows you to view the messages contained in the statement. No written document with legal effect has been signed on the e-service.
A person may establish his or her affiliation with one or more of the following:
- personal status in the Register (asset/liability);
- the status of the person who has reached the retirement age (the status is determined by the age specified for the granting of the pension in the Republic of Latvia);
- the status of the foster-parent;
- the status of guardian;
- the status of trustee;
- the local government of the person's place of residence;
- the family situation of the person;
- the status of the politically repressed person;
- the status of a second World War;
- the status of a member of the national resistance movement;
- capacity of the person.

Process description

  1. Electronically
    The result of the service is reported at the end of the e-service. The information shall not be used as a legal instrument. Information may also be obtained without legal force in the form of a readable QR code.

  2. Receipt of services
    A synchronous service is received immediately as a result of execution.

Get a service