The Framework Programme for Solidarity and Management of Migration Flows for 2007 – 2013 (hereinafter – Solidarity Programme) aims to ensure solidarity principles during the management of human flows and address the issue of a fair share of responsibilities between Member States in the introduction of integrated management of the external borders of the Member States of the European Union and from the implementation of common policies on asylum and immigration. 

There are four funds established within the framework of the Solidarity Programme: 

  • External Borders Fund
  • European Refugee Fund III
  • European Return Fund
  • Integration Fund for Third-country Nationals.

Office of Citizenship and Migration Affairs is currently implementing seven projects within the framework of External Borders Fund, European Return Fund, European Refugee Fund and Integration Fund for Third-country Nationals:

  • External Borders Fund project “Ensuring Connection of the National Visa Information System to the Central Visa Information System”
  • European Return Fund project Training of Employees of the Office of Citizenship and Migration Affairs”
  • European Refugee Fund project “Examining Optimization of the Reception Functions and Improving the Asylum Seekers Sub-system of the Common Migration Information System”
  • European Refugee Fund project “Improving the Quality of the Asylum Procedure”
  • Integration Fund for Third-country Nationals “Support for repatriates - Third country nationals”
  • Integration Fund for Third-country Nationals project “The improvement of residence permissions information system’s process of data processing”
  • Integration Fund for Third-country Nationals project ”Evaluation of the necessities of returnees who are third-country nationals”