he Office of Citizenship and Migration Affairs has started implementation of the European Community initiative EQUAL project „Step by step” .

Leading partner – Office of Citizenship and Migration Affairs.

Partners: Liepaja District Council, Latvian Red Cross, International Organization for Migration, Establishment “Caritas Latvia”.

Priority of the project: Professional and social integration of asylum seekers.

Implementation of the project: 02/2005 - 12/2007

Over all objective of the project – integration of asylum seekers in the social life of Latvia.

Direct aim of the project - establishment of effective social integration system for asylum seekers.

The activities of the project are pointed in such districts:

  • Harmonization of legislation with EU legal acts in the field of housing and asylum seekers, evaluation of the national legislation;
  • Elaboration and testing of the model of social integration of asylum seekers in municipalities;
  • Elaboration and testing of the model of professional integration of asylum seekers in municipalities;
  • Formation of collaboration network between nongovernmental organizations, state institutions and municipalities about solution of asylum issues;
  • Information of society about asylum seekers;
  • Training of personnel, who works with asylum seekers;
  • Active involving of Latvian state institutions, municipalities and nongovernmental organizations in international level in asylum seekers issues.

Target group of the project: 

  • Asylum seekers;
  • Latvian society;
  • Personnel, who works with asylum seekers;
  • Municipalities, state institutions, nongovernmental
  • organizations
Component, partner responsible Accomplished during year 2005
Harmonization of legislation with EU legal acts in the field of asylum; evaluation of the national legislation (OCMA). Regulations of an establishment of the Asylum seekers reception center “Mucenieki” are elaborated and submitted to Ministry of Interior for approval.
Elaboration of training strategy of personnel who work with asylum seekers and implementation of the strategy (OCMA). Working group has elaborated structure of the training strategy, and work on practical elaboration of the strategy.
Adaptation of Skill Audit for Latvia situation (Establishment “Caritas Latvia”). Material elaborated by Great Britain “Asylum seekers skills and qualification examination. Pilot project. ” is already translated. - Practice of Great Britain now is in adaptation for Latvia situation. 
In the project framework some primary interviews were performed in collaboration with Asylum Seekers Reception Center “Mucenieki”.
Society information on asylum issues (IOM). Completed Research Study 
“Attitudes among Residents, Government Officials and NGOs of Latvia towards Asylum Seekers” 
Initiate elaboration of guidelines for Government Officials and NGOs representatives about culture differences and job specific with asylum seekers.
Foundation of Consultative Board on asylum issues (Latvia Red Cross). Statute and staff of the Consultative Board are approved by Managerial Committee of the project.
Elaboration of Asylum seekers social and professional integration models (Liepaja District Council). Active work of working groups
International collaboration (All partners). Participation of project representatives in Transnational Partnership “Right 2 All” Steering Committee and working groups; carried out bilateral exchange of experience visit.

Informative booklet.

Contact person: 

Madara Miezīte 
Tel: +371 67 219 009