Naturalization is a process of acquisition of citizenship.

Three steps to acquire the citizenship of Latvia:

  1. Compliance with requirements
  2. Submission of documents
  3. Examination


The person may be admitted to the citizenship of Latvia through naturalisation procedures, who:

  • is at least 15 years old;
  • has lived in Latvia for at least 5 years ( an interruption of 1 year is permitted but not during the last year);
  • fluent in the Latvian language;
  • knows the basic principles of the Constitution of Latvia;
  • knows the text of the National Anthem;
  • knows the basics of the history and culture of Latvia;
  • has a legal source of income;
  • has given a pledge of loyalty to Latvia;
  • has submitted a notification regarding the renunciation of former citizenship, if the law requires that.

Children residing in Latvia up to 15 years of age may acquire Latvian citizenship together with the parents.

The children up to 15 years of age shall submit:

  1. submission form regarding naturalization of a child;
  2. a document confirming the permanent residence of the child in Latvia (for example, a statement from the educational institution).

There are persons, who cannot acquire the Latvian citizenship through naturalisation procedures. These are the persons, who have not fulfilled their liabilities towards the Latvian state.


In order to apply for citizenship, the following documents should be submitted:

  • an application for naturalisation;
  • a passport or personal identity card. Remember - you have to send via mail ONLY a COPY of the document!
  • a certificate on the legal source of income. It could be a statement from the employer or a statement from the bank regarding a positive account balance;
  • one photograph (3x4 cm);
  • document about the permanent place of residence of the person during recent 5 years in Latvia;
  • if a person is a citizen of another state, a statement should be submitted regarding criminal records;
  • a document regarding payment of the State fee.

Currently it is possible to submit documents to the Office of Citizenship and Migration Affairs only remotely:

  • via mail to the territorial unit of the Office of Citizenship and Migration Affairs


Documents shall be submitted in Latvian.

In order the application for naturalisation would be accepted, the State fee should be paid for submission of the application for naturalisation.

State fee is 28.46 euro.

Reduced State fee is 4.27 euro.

The reduced State fee is set for:

  • poor persons;
  • unemployed persons;
  • large families (3 and more minor children);
  • pensioners;
  • disabled persons of groups II and III;
  • pupils;
  • full-time students.

From state fee are exempt:

  • politically repressed persons;
  • disabled persons of group I;
  • orphans;
  • children left without custody of parents;
  • persons living in the social care institutions.

The State fee shall be transferred to the account:

Bank details:
Beneficiary: TREASURY, TRELLV22
Registration No. 90000050138
Account LV19TREL1060140919600
Payment purpose: State fee for submission of the application for naturalisation.

Important! If the State fee is paid by any other person, the name, surname, personal identity number of the person to be naturalized shall be specified in the payment purpose.


After review of documents the person shall sign a pledge of loyalty to the Latvia and pass the examination.

In the examination:

  • fluency in the Latvian language is tested;  
  • a test on the Constitution of Latvia, history and culture should be completed;
  •  the text of the National Anthem should be spoken or written.

Persons may be released from any of the tests, for example examination of the fluency in the Latvian language. 

In Latvia people may have two citizenships (dual citizenship), therefore, the citizens of certain countries have the right to retain their current citizenship.

The citizenship of other state may be retained by the citizens from:

  • Member States of the European Union,
  • Member States of the European Free Trade Association,
  • Member States of the North Atlantic Treaty Organisation,
  • Australia, Brazil or New Zealand.

A list of all Member States can be viewed based on this link.

Citizens of other countries shall renounce previous citizenship.

Important! During the naturalisation proceeding also the children up to 18 years of age shall renounce the citizenship of the state with which the dual citizenship is not permitted. 

Additional information may be obtained via e-mail or during working days via phone+371 67209400.