1. If you previously applied for the national language test and did not pass it or have not yet passed it due to valid reasons, documents for a residence permit can be submitted DURING YOUR LEGAL STAY IN THE REPUBLIC OF LATVIA, BUT NOT LATER THAN March 30, 2024.
  2. Period of the issued residence permit shall not exceed two years.
  3. Justifiable reasons may be considered to be serious health-related reasons or other reasons beyond the person’s control.
  1. Free-form application (Sample);
  2. Full copy of the passport (compliance with original and certified with a signature) 
  3. Submission, substantiating the existence of justifying reasons for failure to pass the examination of the State language
  4. The document, confirming the means of subsistence. Means of subsistence shall mean the funds available at the disposal of the person
  5. Confirmation of payment of the State fee
  6. Questionnaire


Documents may be submitted

Documents will be examined within four months.

Before submission of documents the payment of the State fee in the amount of 100 euros should be made.

  • Payment purpose: SF OCMA doc. CM 557 (12.09.2017) Full name
  • Beneficiary: The Treasury, registration No.90000050138
  • Beneficiary institution: the State Treasury, code TRELLV22
  • Account No.: LV37TREL1060140918500

In case of need you can obtain additional information and individual consultations by writing to the Migration Division of the Office to the e-mail address mn@pmlp.gov.lv or by calling to the informative phone 67209400.