When drawing up an invitation, a representative of a legal person or public administration institution:

  • presents a personal identification document and accordingly prepared power of attorney;
  • submits an application;
  • pays the State fee;

When inviting a researcher, an additional contract or draft contract shall be submitted, which shall include the following information:

  • the name of the research activity, purpose or field of research;
  • the undertaking of the research institution to admit the foreigner for the completion of the research activity and the undertaking of the foreigner to complete the research activity;
  • the start and end dates of the research activity or the expected duration of the research activity;
  • information on participation in mobility activities in other Member States of the European Union, if such is planned.

When inviting a trainee,an additional traineeship agreement shall be submitted, which shall include the following information:

  • information regarding the traineeship program, including the pedagogical aim or learning component of the traineeship program;
  • duration of the traineeship;
  • place of the traineeship and supervision conditions;
  • working hours of the traineeship;
  • the legal relationship between the trainee and the inviter;

Documents certifying that the traineeship will take place within the framework of the higher education acquisition program, or that no more than two years have elapsed from the day when the foreigner acquired the higher education corresponding to the field of the traineeship until the day of submitting the invitation request.

When inviting a student,the following information shall be provided:

  • the expected date of completion of studies;
  • the student's participation in an European Union, multilateral or bilateral program that provides mobility activities, if such information is available to the inviter upon submission of an invitation request;

If the invitation to a foreigner to reside in the Republic of Latvia is related to the exchange of students or pupils, the application shall additionally indicate information regarding the natural person who assumes responsibility for the minor learner during his or her stay in the Republic of Latvia.

In addition to other documents, the inviter submits a document certifying the inviter's right to organize an exchange program, as well as a confirmation from an educational institution accredited in the Republic of Latvia that the learner will study at this institution in accordance with the exchange program or a confirmation issued by a higher education institution accredited in the Republic of Latvia that the foreigner participates in an exchange program within the framework of an international cooperation network of higher education institutions, an international (inter-university) exchange agreement or an interdepartmental agreement.