If your personal identification document (passport or eID card) has been lost, stolen or seized, this fact must be immediately notified to the authority that issued the personal identification document (OCMA), the State Police, or the State Border Guard, or, when staying abroad – a diplomatic or consular mission of the Republic of Latvia.

If a person does not have any other valid personal identification document, then, within 30 days following the incident found, documents must be submitted for the issuance of a new personal identification document (passport or identity card, as may be chosen).

If a person has notified in writing on losing a personal identification document, then, should it be found, it becomes invalid for use.


If a personal identification document has been lost, stolen, seized or damaged when staying abroad, the nearest diplomatic or consular mission of Latvia must be contacted. If the passport or eID card has been lost or damaged and the person who permanently resides in Latvia has no other valid personal identification document, the Latvian mission will provide the person with an emergency travel document to return to Latvia. The information on the issuance of the emergency travel document is available round-the-clock at the Consular Department of the Ministry of Exterior by phone: +371 26337711.

Upon returning to Latvia, the emergency travel document must be immediately handed over to the Office of Citizenship and Migration Affairs. 

If you have lost or have been stolen your identity card (eID card) and in case it contains certificates, you must immediately contact the helpdesk of the trusted certification service provider – the Latvia State Radio and Television Centre, SJSC (LVRTC) – by phone 67108787 and request that the validity of the certificates should be suspended.

In order to verify your identity, the helpdesk operator will ask a secret question indicated by you when applying for the issuance of the identity card.

The same actions must be taken if you have a reasonable suspicion that your identity card has come into the possession of another person and the electronic signature creation data is being used without your knowledge.

You may apply for the restoration of the validity of the suspended certificates only in person in a division of the OCMA or at the diplomatic mission of Latvia abroad.