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Procedure for submission of information about the use of body, tissues and organs


The Population Register stores information about an individual’s approval or prohibition to use his or her body, tissues and organs after decease. 

The Office of Citizenship and Migration Affairs shall issue data included in the Register about prohibition or approval to use an individual’s body, tissues and organs after decease, a written request to medical, educational or scientific establishments, which regulatory enactments provide the right to perform removal of tissues and organs of an alive or deceased human, as well as to use the same. 

In order to include such data in the Population Register, an individual must visit a territorial office of the Office of Citizenship and Migration Affairs, must present a personal identification document, must submit an application of specific form (application form in PDF format) by indicating the individual’s given name, surname, identity number and prohibition or approval to use his or her body, tissues and organs after decease. In case, if the signature of the individual on their application has been certified by a notary, the individual may send his or her application by mail or submit by medication of an authorized person. 

Application may be submitted: 

"Application on the prohibition or permission to use the body, tissue and organs of a person after their death" 


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