The Office of Citizenship and Migration Affairs (the OCMA) is issuing statements from the Register of Natural Persons (statement about the place of residence of a person, his/her marital status, passport details and other details included in the Register of Natural Persons).

A person may receive information from the Register of Natural Persons about himself/herself or a person the legal or authorised representative of whom he/she is.

Individuals and legal entities may receive information from the Register of Natural Persons about another person based on a reasoned application.

Information may be requested only remotely:

  • by post or e-mail in the OCMA territorial divisions;
  • by post to the Office of Citizenship and Migration Affairs to address: Čiekurkalna 1.līnija 1, k-3, Rīga, LV-1026;
  • electronically by sending a request to the OCMA e-mail address signed by a secure electronic signature, or the e-mail address of any territorial division;
  • or electronically by using the official service eAddress.

Documents required for requesting the statement.


  • the state fee is payable for the receipt of information from the Register of Natural Persons depending on the term of preparation of the statement and the manner of its issue (in paper form or electronically signed by a secure electronic signature) – Subparagraphs 2.4 and 2.6 of the “Regulations regarding the state fee for the receipt of information from the Register of Natural Persons”. Paragraphs 3 and 4 of the above Regulations determine the groups of persons who are entitled to request relief or exemption from payment of the state fee;      
  • if the person would like to receive the statement by mail, additional payment for sending and delivery should be made according to the pricelist of the OCMA services for charge - "Pricelist of services provided by the Office of Citizenship and Migration Affairs for charge", Paragraph 12 + mailing costs. 

Description of service in the public service catalogue of the portal

Statement from the Register of Natural Persons about an individual

himself/herself or the represented person


It is possible to request a statement about the declared or registered residential address of the person in the local authority if the place of residence of the person is within the administrative territory of the local authority and if the local authority has online data exchange with the Register of Natural Persons.

!!! Pursuant to the Administrative Procedure Law, if the information required for the institution is not available to the parties in the administrative proceedings, but is available to another institution, the institution shall acquire such itself rather than request such from the parties in the administrative proceedings. 
The person does not have to request a statement from the OCMA to file the details with another governmental or local authority institution; the respective institution must request the details from the OCMA itself.


To receive information in writing it is necessary to fill in the questionnaire (questionnaire in MS Word format) or to draft the request in free form by specifying therein:

  1. name, surname and personal identity number of the person requesting information (for legal entities – name and taxpayer registration number);
  2. place of residence (for legal entities – legal address);
  3. scope and manner of issue of the required information;
  4. when requesting information about another person one must additionally specify:
    • the reason for the receipt of information (and a document confirming such, if any);
    • the purpose of use of the information if a different procedure is not set forth by law;
    • details, based on which the person may be identified.

Documents required for requesting the statement:

    • personal identification document (passport or personal certificate – eID card). If an individual has sent the request by mail the prepared statement will be issued in person in the specified OCMA division, where the person shall present the personal identification document. If the OCMA has identified the requesting person then the statement is sent by registered mail to the declared or legal address of the person requesting the statement;
    • representative of the legal entity shall additionally present the registration certificate of the legal entity and the public document confirming the representation rights of the person requesting the information, if it is not possible to verify the information regarding representation rights in the Register of Enterprises;
    • for the authorised person – a notarised Power of Attorney if the authorising person is an individual, or a written Power of Attorney without notarisation or an order, if the representative of the individual is an Attorney-at-Law;
    • legal representative shall present the document confirming custody or guardianship, if such information is not included in the Register of Natural Persons; 
    • when requesting information about another person one must deliver a document confirming the reason or mutual obligations;
    • to receive relief or exemption from payment of the state fee the persons must present a document confirming relief or exemption to the OCMA.

Information from the Register of Natural Persons information system shall be issued in compliance with the provisions of the 15.02.2011 Regulation of the Cabinet of Ministers No. 130 "Procedure of issuing information included in the Register of Natural Persons", the Personal Data Protection Law, the Register of Natural Persons Law, the Freedom of Information Law and other legal acts.