Uz galda: pase un eID karte, eID kartes lasītājs

This is to remind that when reaching the age of 15 years, citizens or non-citizens of Latvia should mandatory have at least one valid personal identification document - a passport or eID card. 

Having reached the age of 15 years, an application shall be submitted within a time period of 30 days for preparation of a passport or eID card.

If a young person receives the personal identification document for the first time, his or her identity, upon submission of the document for issue of a personal identification document, shall be confirmed by his or her legal representative or any of his or her adult relatives.

That means that a young person, who has reached the age of 15 years, should go to the Office together with, for example, one of the parents or a brother or sister, who has reached the age of 18 years, applying in advance before that.

A personal identification document is issued for persons, being in the age of five to 20 years, for five years.