News PMLP30
Mazs zēns uz grīdas skatās karti

This is to explain where the attention should be paid to when planning to arrange a passport or eID card of the child.

About arrangement of the personal identity document

If a personal identity document is necessary for travel outside of Latvia, it is possible to arrange a passport or eID card of the child as soon as the child receives the certificate of birth.

A passport or eID card is issued on the basis of the request of the mother or father, or legal representative of the child.  That means that one of the parents or other legal representative, or authorised representative shall visit together with the child any of the territorial units of the Office, where the following should be presented: 

  • certificate of birth of the child, if the passport, eID card has not been issued;
  • previous passport, eID card of the child, if such document has been issued.

If it is possible to photograph the child - he/she shall independently sit and at the certain moment let be photographed - the taking of photograph takes place on spot at the division of the Office.

If making of photograph of the child is not possible, a photograph produced by the photographer’s studio shall be submitted for inclusion in the personal identity document.

It is important to remember that it is possible to use for inclusion in the personal identity document only the photographs, produced by professional photographer’s studios, and shall be confirmed by a stamp of the photographer’s studio affixed on the other side of the photograph with the date of production of the photograph.

The photograph shall not be older than 3 months and it shall correspond with all conditions referred to in Regulations on Personal Identity Documents

This is to remind that photographs produced privately or instant photo cabins shall not be valid for inclusion in the personal identity document!

About the validity period of the personal identity document

The personal identity document for children in the age under 4 years shall be issued:

  • for two years;
  • or for the period of travel, if it is longer than two years, but not longer than for five years.

Upon expiry of the validity period of the passport or eID card in the age under 4 years, the document shall be changed in the case if that is necessary for travel.

About the State fee

Issuing a passport to a child who has not reached the age of 20 costs 15 euros within 10 working days, but 30 euros within 2 working days.

In turn, issuing an eID card within 10 working days costs 5 euros, but within 2 working days - 15 euros.

More details about how to apply for arrangement of the documents of the children in advance:

Before the trip, make sure that you have all the necessary documents for travel of children!

Additional information on border crossing can be obtained by calling the State Border Guard: +371 67075616.