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Cilvēks rokās tur planšeti

Statistics is the science of obtaining, processing, analyzing and interpreting data. Within the framework of our activities, the Office regularly compile the most up-to-date data on migration, asylum seeker statistics, repatriation, identity and travel document issuance statistics, legal status of individuals and naturalization. 
In the section “Statistics” of the website everyone can get acquainted with statistics on:

  • Personal names addressed earlier, here;
  • Identity documents - passport and eID card;
  • Asylum seekers, residence permits and visas;
  • Summary of the information included in the Population Register
  • Repatriation;
  • Legal status and naturalization of individuals;
  • Voluntary return decision and removal orders;
  • Official statistics that meet the criteria set out in the Statistics Law.

We share the most interesting statistical facts:

  • On 1 January 2021, 210,879 Latvian citizens lived abroad;
  • On 1 January 2021, 686,253 people lived in Riga;
  • From 1998 to 2021, 3,014 asylum seekers applied for international protection in Latvia;
  • In the period from 1992 to the end of 2020, a total of 120,630 temporary residence permits and 87,919 permanent residence permits were issued;
  • From 2015 to 2021, 93,629 passports and 192,147 identity cards were issued;
  • In 2020, 89 repatriates and their family members moved to Latvia;
  • 769 C and D visas were issued in 2020;
  • In 2020, 725 persons were admitted to Latvian citizenship by naturalization. In comparison, in 2012, 2,213 persons were admitted to Latvian citizenship.
  • From the beginning of the naturalization process until the end of 2020, 148,478 naturalization applications have been received for 161,911 persons.

Is it possible to request other statistics?

The Office may also provide other general information. Institutions, enterprises and natural persons may receive statistical information from the Population Register on the basis of a written request or a written agreement.

Statistics can be requested:

  • By writing a free-form justified application and sending it by post to the Personal Data Processing Department - Riga, 1 Ciekurkalna 1st Lane, 3rd building
  • electronically on the portal, using e-service "Application to an Institution";
  •  by sending an application signed with a secure electronic signature to an e-mail address,

Paid statistics

A state fee is payable for receiving statistical information from the Population Register, depending on the number of pages.

If non-standard statistics are required, an additional payment must be made for the development of software for the preparation of data in accordance with the price list of paid services provided by the Office

But if you want to receive information by mail, you have to pay extra for sending and delivering documents.