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The Office for Citizenship and Migration Affairs (hereinafter - the Office), together with the State Agency for Security, has started the implementation of the 1st phase of the Asylum, Migration and Integration Fund project - “Support measures for persons in need of international protection, reception and accommodation in Latvia”. 

The main objective of the project is to improve the standards of reception and accommodation of asylum seekers by providing various additional services. The provision of support services will allow asylum seekers to receive an extended range of services, such as the provision of basic necessities, interpreter services and the improvement of the buildings of the accommodation centres for asylum seekers.

The project also aims to support the provision of international protection to Ukrainian civilians, i.e. - to provide short-term accommodation for Ukrainian civilians in Accommodation Centres for Asylum Seekers.

The total funding of the project is EUR 4 987 082, out of them the funding of the fund is EUR 3 740 311 and co-funding of the State budget – EUR 1 246 771. The project will last until 31 December 2025.

Project No. PMLP/PMIF/2023/2.

Office of Citizenship and Migration Affairs

Head of Public Relations

Madara Puķe, 67219185