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Uz galda stāv eID karte ID karšu lasītājs, blociņš un pierakstu klade

On Monday, 28 June, the Law on the Register of Natural Persons enters into force and the Law on the Population Register that so far determined the operation of the unified system for registration of population will become void.

The Register of Natural Persons (hereinafter - the Register) combines the functionality of the current information system of the Population Register and Civil Register. The Register is a uniform state registration and recording system of information and natural persons that will further on provide identification of natural persons, data processing and accumulation, and will include and update information about civil entries.

The Law on the Register of Natural Persons, unlike the Law on Population Register, provides to expand the range of persons, regarding which the information will be included and updated in the register, as well as the state administration authorities will be determined in addition that  will be able to include and update information in the Register.

Further on, in addition to the Office, municipalities and diplomatic and consular representative offices of Latvia abroad, also other state administration authorities, according to their competence, will include the information in the Register: the Ministry of Justice, sworn notaries, Register of Enterprises, State Revenue Service, district (city) courts, State Border Guard, State Social Insurance Agency, National Health Service and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Thus, foreigners will have more convenient access to the state and municipal services in the field of immovable property, commercial activity, health, taxes, benefits, asylum and education, as well as higher security when entering into private civil transactions.

The Register will include and update information about the citizens of Latvia and non-citizens of Latvia, as well as foreigners, who have received a residence permit in Latvia, a certificate of registration of the citizen of the European Union or certificate of permanent stay of the citizen of the European Union and who have legal relation with Latvia, on the basis of which mutual rights and obligations establish or have been established in the field of immovable property, commercial activity, health, taxes, benefits and education.

Information about a foreigner will be included in the Register in accordance with the travel document identifying the person. It will include or update information about the name, birth of the person, personal identification document, personal identity number allocated by another country and contact address.

Processing of data in the Register of Natural Persons will be performed in accordance with Regulation (EU) 2016/679 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 27 April 2016 on the protection of natural persons with regard to the processing of personal data and on the free movement of such data, accordingly the procedure according to which inhabitants will be able to receive information from the Register of Natural Persons will remain similar to the Population Register.


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