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How can I declare myself?

You may declare the place of residence in two ways:

  1. on the portal, using e-service “Submission of the declaration of the place of residence”;
  2. at the residence declaration institution of the local government, where the new place of residence is located.

How can I check, who has declared the place of residence at my property?

If you are an owner of the immovable property or his or her authorized person, you may receive the updated information included in the Population Register free of charge on the persons, who have declared their place of residence at your property, as well as find out the number of such persons.

The information may be requested in two ways:

  1. electronically by using e-service “Persons declared at my property”;
  2. by sending a written submission in free form via mail to any territorial unit of the Office of Citizenship and Migration Affairs.

What to do in order to de-register a strange person from my place of residence?

In order to de-register a strange person from your property, you have to turn with a submission regarding annulment of the declared information to the local government authority, within the administrative territory of which your property is located.

The local government authority will perform examination of the declared information and if it will establish that the person declared at your property does not have any right to be declared there, it shall annul the information about declaration.  

How can I notify about registration of the place of residence abroad?

Notify the Office of Citizenship and Migration Affairs on the address of the place of residence of you, your minor child, the person being in your custody or guardianship abroad by using the e-service offered by the Office.