Alien`s passport is a person’s identity document issued to the non-citizen`s of the Republic of Latvia.

Who is issued a Alien`s passport? 
Since 1 January 2005, a personal identification document is compulsory from the age of 15. Since 1 May 2004, a person who has reached the age of 15 applies for a passport himself/herself. Documents to apply for a travelling document for a child under the age of 15 are submitted by a parent in the child’s presence.


Age Passport issued for the period of
Under 5 years 2 years or for the time of the travel
5 - 20 years 5 years
Over 20 years 10 years

Where a Alien`s passport can be obtained? 
Documents to apply for a passport are submitted and the passport is issued at divisions of the OCMA irrespective of the declared place of residence. 

Documents to apply for a passport.

A person who lives or permanently resides abroad may obtain his/her passports at the Diplomatic or Consular Representative Office of Latvia or the Foreign Residents Register of the Department of Persons’ Status Control of the OCMA. 

Time required to obtain a passport 

The passport is issued within 10 working days or on an expedited basis within 2 working days at the person's wish (exclusive the date of document submission).

What to do if the passport is lost? 
If the passport has been lost, stolen or taken away by force, the person shall inform about this fact the passport issuing authority (the OCMA), the State Police or the State Border Guard, or, if abroad, the Diplomatic or Consular Representative Office of Latvia within 5 days. Within 30 days after the determination of the fact the person shall submit documents to apply for a new passport. If the person has reported about the loss of the passport in writing, in case the passport is found, it becomes invalid and a new passport must be obtained. 

On spelling of the person’s name and surname in the passport 
The person’s name and surname (name) in the passport is written according to the laws and regulations on spelling of the name and surname in the Latvian language (State Language Law, Regulations No. 114 of the Cabinet of Ministers as of 2nd March 2004 “Regulations on Spelling and Use of Names in the Latvian Language and Their Identification”). If the spelling of the person’s name in the passport differs from its spelling in the person’s document in another language, or it differs from the historical form of the person’s name or family name, the historical form of the person’s family name or the original form of the person’s name in another language in Latin transliteration is entered on Page 3 of the passport if the person or the parents of the minor request it and can provide documentary evidence.