On the portal www.latvija.lv, a person may electronically declare the place of residence of his or her minor child, a person under guardianship or trusteeship in Latvia, using the OCMA e-service "Submission of the declaration of place of residence".

When declaring one’s residence electronically:

  • it is not necessary to present a personal identification document because the service requester is identified by an electronic signature or an Internet banking authentication means;
  • if the place of residence is declared to one's minor child, a person under guardianship or trusteeship, it is not necessary to present a document certifying representation because the information on the person's legal representative is automatically verified in the Population Register;
  • the data of the State Registry of Addresses are used for entering the address of the place of residence to be declared, thus automatic verification of the existence of the address is ensured;
  • information about the new place of residence is immediately updated in the Population Register;
  • there is no state fee for the service.

Instructions for use:

The service is available by authenticating with Internet banking authentication means, an identity card (eID) or a secure electronic signature smart card.

Authentication with Internet banking is available for Swedbank, SEB Bank, Bank Citadele, Norvik Bank, Meridian Trade Bank, Luminor, PrivatBank, Rietumu Bank, ABLV Bank and BlueOrange Internet banking users.

To authenticate with an identity card (eID card) or a secure electronic signature smart card, you need the appropriate card and a smart card reader.

In order for the e-service to be available, it is necessary to authenticate with an electronic signature, e-ID, or Internet banking authentication mean by clicking on the relevant icon, which appears in the form of a pop-up window, opening the „My workplace” section or when clicking on „Authenticate, to start the service“, as well as in the expanded view of the service description. General information about the e-service is available by clicking on the service name link in the list of e-services. After authentication, the user can start the e-service by clicking on the "Start e-service" link. Before starting the e-service, the user is advised to make sure that the person has not already been declared to live at the desired address. One of the ways to obtain information about your or the represented person's declared place of residence is to use the e-service "My data in the Population Register" available on the portal. To start the e-service, you need to read the terms of use of the e-service and confirm them by checking the box "I have read the information provided" and clicking the button "Next".


 The started service is registered in the "E-services" section with a unique e-service identification number assigned by the portal.

 The declaration data input form opens, in which the following must be indicated:

• the person you want to declare a place of residence to. If you want to declare the place of residence of the represented person (your minor child, person under guardianship or trusteeship), then indicate the type of representation and personal identification number of the represented person in the format NNNNNN-NNNNN.

  • legal basis to live in the declared place of residence;
  • place of residence to be declared. An additional address (-es) may be provided, indicating the period during which the person will be available there;
  • e-mail address of the declarant (the field is initially filled in with the information specified in the section "Profile"). The contact telephone number of the declarant may be indicated. To proceed to the next step of the service, you must press the "Continue" button.


To enter an address in the declaration data entry form, fill in the address information in the appropriate step "Searching for an address in the address register".

To find an address, enter the address search criteria in the address search form using the letters of the Latvian alphabet and press the "Search" button - in case of a successful search, the searched address or a list of addresses matching the entered criteria is displayed (depending on the accuracy of the entered criteria).

To select the address found and add it to the declaration data form, click on the address. If the chosen address is in Riga, you will be asked to indicate the suburb or district where the selected address is located before adding the address to the declaration. Then you have to press the "Confirm" button.

If the address you are looking for is not found or if there are too many addresses that match the criteria, specify more precise address search criteria in the address search form and press the "Search" button again. By clicking on the link "Instructions for address search" in the address search form, a description is available on how to enter the address search criteria correctly.

After entering and confirming the data, press the "Continue" button.

The declaration confirmation form is displayed, with a link to open the file with the automatically generated declaration. Check the accuracy of the data in the declaration.

If the user has authenticated on the portal using the Internet banking authentication means, press the "Continue" button to submit the declaration. To correct the data, press the button "Back".

After pressing the "Continue" button, the declaration is sent to the Office of Citizenship and Migration Affairs and immediately updated in the Population Register. In case of successful execution of the service, an informative message with the address of the declared residence is displayed on the screen. You have the opportunity to obtain information about your or the represented person's declared place of residence using the e-service "My data in the Population Register" available on the portal.


After the completion of the e-service, the document submitted by you will not be saved in the service data in the section "E-services". If you want the document to be available to you after completing the service, save it to your computer or other media before clicking the "Continue" button. For data protection reasons, it is recommended that you do not save the document on a foreign or accessible computer or storage medium.

For users who sign the declaration with a secure electronic signature, the document prepared within the service is automatically saved in the "Temp" directory of the user's computer. When you're done, we recommend that you delete the document from this directory so that it's not available to other users of the computer.

Problems, errors and deficiencies found in the e-service can be reported by filling in the error application form available at the bottom of the data entry and result forms by clicking on the link "Click here to report an error or deficiency". Information about the progress of the application will be sent to the e-mail address specified in your error report. 

It is possible to verify your declared place of residence electronically using the e-service "My data in the population register" available on the portal.