On the portal www.latvija.lv, a person may electronically declare the place of residence of his or her minor child, a person under guardianship or trusteeship in Latvia, using the OCMA e-service "Declaration or designation of residence".

When declaring one’s residence electronically:

  • it is not necessary to present a personal identification document because the service requester is identified by an electronic signature or an Internet banking authentication means;
  • if the place of residence is declared to one's minor child, a person under guardianship or trusteeship, it is not necessary to present a document certifying representation because the information on the person's legal representative is automatically verified in the Population Register;
  • the data of the State Registry of Addresses are used for entering the address of the place of residence to be declared, thus automatic verification of the existence of the address is ensured;
  • information about the new place of residence is immediately updated in the Population Register;
  • there is no state fee for the service.

It is possible to verify your declared place of residence electronically using the e-service "My data in the Register of Natural Persons".