1. How to renounce of the Latvian citizenship?

In order to renounce of the Latvian citizenship, it is necessary to submit to the Office of Citizenship and Migration Affairs of the representative office of Latvia abroad a submission, a document regarding payment of the State fee, a personal identification document of the Latvian citizen and the document, confirming the acquisition of the citizenship of another country or guaranteeing thereof. Find out more

2. How much the renunciation of the Latvian citizenship costs?

The State fee of EUR 21.34 or EUR 7.11 - for a politically repressed person, disabled person of group I, orphan, a child being left without the parental care and a person, who has been recognized as poor, shall be paid for renunciation of the citizenship. Account number

3. Where a submission and document regarding renunciation the Latvian citizenship can be submitted?    

A submission, copies of documents and a document on payment of the State fee can be submitted:

  1. by sending via mail to the Persons Status Control Division of the Office of Citizenship and Migration Affairs (Čiekurkalna 1.līnija 1, korp.3, Riga, LV-1026);
  2. with a safe electronic signature by sending to the e-mail pskn@pmlp.gov.lv.

 The documents can be submitted also to the closest representative office of Latvia abroad.