Project Timeframe: June 2005 – December 31, 2006 

Project Objective: Organize language courses for the OCMA personnel to increase their level of competency and professionalism and improve the service level provided by the OCMA, thus complying with Schengen Acquis. 

Underlying Objectives: Organize foreign language (English and French) training for the OCMA personnel that will improve control of migration processes, facilitate co-operation with immigration departments of the European Union and other countries, and ensure compliance of national legislation with the European Union requirements. 


  • Organize French language training for the OCMA personnel in Latvia and France
  • Organize English language training for the OCMA personnel in Latvia and United Kingdom
  • Organize English language training for the regional OCMA personnel in Latvia


  • better communication with citizens of third countries wishing to receive a visa or a residence permit;
  • better understanding of Schengen Acquis that, in turn, will enable the OCMA to draft long-term strategy and programs designed to successfully implement Schengen Acquis, esp. in the areas of visa and residence permit issuance;
  • increased administrative efficiency at OCMA.


Ms. Sanita Siljane 
Manager, Project Department 
Tel: 67219231, cell: 29121456 
Fax: 67331123