Which documents have to be submitted if you want to receive a residence permit in the Republic of Latvia as a person who has acquired a full-time master’s or doctoral program at a university, has obtained a State-recognized higher education diploma on acquiring of such university course, and applies for residence permit within three month after obtaining of such diploma:

You have to present a valid travel document recognized in the Republic of Latvia and submit the following documents:

  • special application form for a residence permit;
  • Photography;
  • a document certifying the necessary subsistence (the required subsistence is 500 euros per month. If family members come with you, the required subsistence is 500 euros per month for an adult and 150 euros per month for a minor.);
  • A document supporting settlement of the stamp duty;
  • A copy of diploma on a State-recognized higher education of acquiring of such university course;
  • a statement on punishability issued by a competent institution of the citizenship or the host country (for a foreigner more than 14 years old), if a foreigner has resided in that country longer than 12 months.

If your spouse and minor or dependent child travels with you, you have to submit also documents supporting the relationship and a permission to stay in the Republic of Latvia signed by the parent not traveling with the child which is certified by a notary or signed in presence of an official of the Office or a Representation.

Please, note that this permit does not include the right to employment.