Documents to be submitted in order to receive a residence permit in the Republic of Latvia in connection with the family unification - as a minor of a citizen of Latvia, a non-citizen of Latvia or a foreigner holding a permanent residence permit:

You shall submit the following documents:

  • a full copy of a passport (foreigner certify the validity of the document by himself);
  • a definite sample form for a residence permit request;
  • a photography;
  • a document confirming the state duty payment;
  • a document approving relationship;
  • a statement on punishability issued by a competent institution of the citizenship or the host country (for a foreigner more than 14 years old), if a foreigner has resided in that country longer than 12 months;
  • a permission notarially approved or signed in the presence of an officer of the administrative body or representation for a child to enter the Republic of Latvia of the other parent who is not travelling to Latvia. If practical guardianship is carried out by the parent who is entering Latvia together with the child and there are no restrictions as concern the change of the place of residence without the consent of the other parent – a decision of the respective court;