The documents you must submit if you wish to obtain a residence permit in the Republic of Latvia as a person who intends to carry out activities in order to create or develop innovative products in the Republic of Latvia

You must present a travelling document valid in the Republic of Latvia and submit the following documents:

  • a questionnaire to apply for a residence permit of a certain form;
  • a photograph;
  • a document certifying the necessary subsistence (the required subsistence is 500 euros per month. If family members come with you, the required subsistence is 500 euros per month for an adult and 150 euros per month for a minor.)
  • a free-form application containing the descriptive information about the innovative products intended to be created or developed, and the information on the planned business activities in the next three years;
  • a payment document confirming the payment of the stamp duty.

If you travel with your spouse and minor or dependent children, they must additionally submit the documents proving kinship and an authorisation for a child to reside in the Republic of Latvia from a parent who does not travel with the child, which has been notarised or signed before an official of the administration or representative agency.