If you are a citizen of third country whose one of the relatives in the direct ascending line is Latvian or Liv, you shall submit:

  • a definite sample form for third country nationals; 
  • a statement issued by the competent authority of the country of citizenship or residence, if you have stayed there for longer than 12 months, regarding penal records (for a foreigner, who is older than 14 years);
  • a statement on punishability issued by a competent institution of the citizenship or the host country (for a foreigner more than 14 years old), if a foreigner has resided in that country longer than 12 months;
  • a valid travelling document recognized in Latvia - passport;
  • a document, certifying the origin of the Latvian or Liv
  • a photograph (35x45mm).
  • written certification regarding expected place of residence in Latvia;
  • a document certifying the necessary subsistence (the required subsistence is 500 euros per month. If family members come with you, the required subsistence is 500 euros per month for an adult and 150 euros per month for a minor.).