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The Office of Citizenship and Migration Affairs (hereinafter – the Office) reminds that citizens of the Russian Federation who have not submitted documents for applying for the status of a permanent resident of the European Union by 1 September or have not applied for the re-examination of the state language can still submit documents for applying for a residence permit until 30 November.

If these persons have not submitted documents to the Office in order to continue to reside legally in the country, they will have to leave the territory of the Republic of Latvia.

"We reiterate our call not to postpone consulting the Office experts and submitting documents until the last minute. If the documents are not submitted by 30 November, the person's stay in the Republic of Latvia will become illegal," says Maira Roze, Head of the Office.

It is important to note that it is possible to submit the documents if a person is covered by the Law “On the Status of a Long-term Resident of the European Union in the Republic of Latvia” or one of the grounds for applying for a temporary residence permit or a permanent residence permit set out in the Immigration Law.

More information on the amendments to the Immigration Law and exceptions to the State language test for certain groups of persons is available on the website of the Office in the section “Updated information on the amendments to the Immigration Law”.

Additional information/consultation on the further process and/or the submission of documents can be obtained by sending an e-mail to or by calling the information line of the Office 67209400.

Office of Citizenship and Migration Affairs

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