Riga 1st Division, Riga 2nd Division, Riga 3rd Division accept the customers for arrangement and issue of the residence permits (eID cards) only on the basis of “live” queue, issuing a LIMITED number of service numbers every day.

Until April 17, it will NOT be possible to receive this service on a "live" basis in the 4th divison of Riga!

Please, note that the service will be provided ONLY in the case, when a POSITIVE DECISION OF THE OFFICE HAS BEEN RECEIVED.

Receipt of services according to queue provides that the customers will be serviced according to the sequence they will arrive to the division, and it will be necessary to wait for receipt of the service, namely, the time of receipt of the service is hard to be predicted unlike the appointment in advance.

Prior application to Riga divisions for arrangement and receipt of residence permits will not be available as of 1 February 2023.

This is to remind you that when arranging a residence permit, a valid personal identity document and eiD card of the previous residence permit, if any has been granted previously, shall be taken with you.