Press information

In order to quickly and conveniently provide the most updated information to the customers about the issues of migration, personal identity documents and other issues being under the competence of the institution, the Office of Citizenship and Migration Affairs (hereinafter - the Office) has increased the servicing capacity of the permanent informative phone 67209400. Further on, hearing of calls will be provided as an outsourced service.

Thus, the work of the informative phone will be provided by more operators that will enable to consult broader range of customers via phone and will provide fast and convenience receipt of information on working days.

"This year we have provided more than 10 thousand consultations about amendments to the Immigration Law as well as almost 20 thousand consultations about other services of the Office within the framework of the informative phone service. Improvement of this service will enable customers to receive even better service than before," emphasizes Maira Roze, the Head of the Office.

When calling to the informative phone, customers of the Office may quickly and conveniently obtain information about the issues topical for them, such as amendments to the Immigration Law, visas and residence permits, personal identity documents, declaration and services of the Register of Natural Persons and other services of the Office. Besides, it is possible also to get answers via the migration informative phone to the questions about granting a temporary protection status , annulment of residence permits or visas to the nationals of Ukraine.

The informative phone is available on working days: from Monday to Thursday calls are heard from 8:30 to 16:00, on Fridays - from 9:00 to 15:00.

Informative phone is financed from the funds of the project "Modernization of the Uniform Migration Information System Software Platform (Stage 1)" of the Asylum, Migration and Integration Fund programme for 2021-2027 (issues about entry and staying in the Republic of Latvia), as well as financial means of the principal budget of the Office (issues about other services provided by the Office).


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