The Office of Citizenship and Migration Affairs (hereinafter - the Office) has developed a convenient and functional migration tool for foreigners, who plan to stay or already stay in Latvia and wish to transparently become familiar with the process of submission of documents. Besides, in order to rapidly and conveniently provide the most topical information on the migration issues, the pilot project of the migration informative phone has been commenced.

The migration tool is available on the website of the Office, in the section "Residence Permits" - "Procedure for requesting of residence permit". It is possible to obtain detailed information there on the process for submission of documents, payment provisions and receipt of documents in cases, when it is planned to submit the first residence permit, a repeated residence permit, to request a status of the habitual resident of the European Union in the Republic of Latvia or to register a residence permit.

The tool is established in order to enable the customers to become acquainted with the huge volume of information related to the submission of the first and repeated submitted residence permit in a modern and convenient way. This information was previously available already on the website of the Office, but so far it was not summarized in one place in a convenient and transparent form.

It is important to take into account that the migration tool only provides information on the process for submission of documents - it is not possible to submit documents for obtaining a residence permit there.

While, the migration informative phone 67209600 was established in order to ensure fast and convenient acquisition of information for those customers of the Office, who need to arrange residence documents - visas or residence permits - in order to legally stay in Latvia. It will be possible also to get answers via the migration informative phone to the questions about granting a temporary protection status , annulment of residence permits or visas to the nationals of Ukraine.

Introduction of the migration information phone pilot project will enable to improve the customer service of the central information phone of the Office, transferring a part of the customers to the new informative phone. It will enable to service customers, who wish to get a consultation, in a more effective and fast manner by calling to the central informative phone. Questions of the customers will further on distributed according to specifics: the central informative phone will still consult on the general issues, while the migration informative phone - only about the issues of invitations, calls, residence permits and visas.

Currently the informative phone pilot project will be implemented by 19 December, in order to make sure on the interest of customers, as well as gradually supplement the range of topics to be consulted on, based on the issues asked by the customers. The migration informative phone will be available to customers on working days from 8:30 to 16:00 o’clock.

Development of the migration tool and migration informative phone will be funded from the Asylum, Migration and Integration Fund for 2014 - 2020 No. PMLP/PMIF/2017/3 "Improvement and development of information systems and related processes supporting migration and asylum".

Operation of the migration info phone is provided by the outsourcing service provider of the Office - SIA TET.

Office of Citizenship and Migration Affairs

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