Given the emergency situation declared due to COVID-19 and the potential risk of the spread of the infection, the Office of Citizenship and Migration Affairs (hereinafter – the Office) is asking customers, who wish to be serviced in person, to observe additional safety measures aimed at reducing the spread of COVID‑19 and to use a face cover as from 22.05.2020.

The Office’s priority is the safety and health of customers and employees, as well as

maximum limiting the risks inherent to gatherings of people. The use of face masks is the expression of solidarity aiming at protecting the people around us – the Office’s customers and employees – from the infection. Therefore, we are urging that the visitors, who stay in the customer service hall, use a mouth and nose cover. A neckerchief, scarf, respirator, home-sewn or bought mask face may be used as the face cover.

Moreover, in order to reduce the time of stay in the customer service hall and the contact with other visitors, we are asking the Office’s customers to come right at the time appointed for the provision of the service – neither earlier, nor later.

For practical information on the correct use of the face covers, please consult the infographics created by the Centre for Disease Prevention and Control:

The information is prepared by:

OCMA Personnel Management and Public Relations Department, +371 67219185